What should I Look for When Buying a Washing Machine?

Tips for Buying a Washing Machine

Now, In every home there are many electrical appliances used. These appliances are more functional and more complete to do it work. There are numerous of most common appliances in home are Washing Machines, Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner, DishwasherMixer Grinder and Many More.

In this article we are going to see some essential and important tips while buying a Washing Machine. You just follow few simple tips and you get a perfect washing machine at your home.

Buying a Washing Machine?

If you are not bought washing machine or have not bought it for long time. Then one common question for all is "What should I look for when buying a washing machine?". Then you will be surprised after seeing a lots of variety and many brands of washing machines available in current market. There are many brands like Samsung, LG, IFB, Godrej, Bosch, Intex, Whirlpool etc.  Some of different types of Washing Machine like Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic, Front Load Washing Machine, Top Load washing Machine.


Load Capacity

First and most important factor while buying a washing machine is the maximum Load capacity. Basic and economical Washing Machine starts from 5Kg Loading and it goes up to 9-10Kg.

Loading Capacity means How much clothes you can put in single wash.

5Kg Washing Machine is suitable for a single person or couple. You have a family of 4-5 peoples then you must go with at-least 5Kg load capacity Washing Machine.


It's a another factor for washing machine. Simple terms it means maximum efficiency washing machine saves your electricity bills. Best Efficiency washing machine are A+++ ratings. Maximum efficiency is also more expensive, but experts say that the extra expense pays for itself in less than 7 years.


The number of revolutions per minute –rpm- that a washing machine reaches during the spin cycle is an important piece of information to assess, although it has nothing to do with the efficiency or effectiveness of the wash.

It is important for drying and rinsing clothes. The more revolutions, the drier the clothes will come out of the washing machine, with less humidity and practically without water, which is ideal especially in winter or in humid areas.

Generally, you will find washers with a minimum of 600 rpm and a maximum of 1200 rpm, the latter being more expensive.

High Technology

There are fully programmable, digital washing machines on the market, with special washing cycles and programs, with delayed start, silent .. It is important to assess all this type of performance in a fair measure, obtain information correctly.

In general, all these types of details make washing machines more expensive, so it is necessary to analyze whether, in our personal case, we will use all these functions.

With these tips for buying a washing machine, you already have a starting point to explore the market; It is also important that you compare prices and brands, different models of washing machines with similar benefits and do not forget to find out about the guarantee, since it is another key when buying a household appliance for daily and continuous use such as a washing machine.

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