6 Best Living Room Ceiling Fan in India 2022

Best Living Room Ceiling Fans in India | सबसे बढ़िया सीलिंग फैन कौन सा है?

Ceiling fan is been in used since long in India. They are the most common thing that you will see in every household of India.

Whether you are living in metropolitian cities or village, having a ceiling fan is must to beat the heat of summer. It is an affordable solution as compared to air coolers and air conditioners.

Best Living Room Ceiling Fan in India

If you are wondering which brand to choose then wait no further as we have jolted down the list of the best ceiling fans in India that you can but online.

List of Top 6 Ceiling Fan in India

Here is the list of Top 6 Best Ceiling Fans available in India.

1. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption 85 Watts
Sweep 1250 mm
Special Feature Dust Resistant

Usha Bloom Doffodil goodbye dust ceiling fan is novel saline paint technology from PPG paints, this fan can resistant to dust , oil, scratches, moisture. This ceiling fan has unique blade design with high lift angle which gives high air and wide throw.

It has copper motor which goes longer life and smooth operations This fan has unique dual colour designs. This fan has unique coating , it provides easy hassle free clean of blade surface. This ceiling fan is very good design.

2. Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption 75 Watts
Sweep 1200 mm
Special Feature Stylish Fan with a Monochrome Blend

Luminous New York Brooklyn  ceiling fan has monochrome blend , it is modernity and luxury fan. This ceiling fan has high quality ABS motor which life long motor. This ceiling fan has mirror finish, sleek and sublet contrast based on downtown Brooklyn.

This ceiling fan has wide blade for better air. It has dust repellent coating for easy cleaning. This ceiling fan is very good for modern living room, bedroom as well as mater bedroom.

3. Atomberg Efficio BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption 28 Watts
Sweep 1200 mm
Special Feature Inverter Stabilization Technology

Atomberg Efficio ceiling fan has BLDC technology which means they are running highest speed. This ceiling fan has smart remote which use for boost, sleep mode, speed control and timer mode.

It has inverter stabilization technology which runs consistently at the same speed when fluctuate input voltage. This ceiling fan can run 3 times longer on an inverter battery. This ceiling fan can be used in dinning hall, living room, bedroom. This ceiling fan is looking gorgeous.

4.Havells Andria Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption 75 Watts
Sweep 1200 mm
Special Feature High Speed and Excellent Cooling Effect

Havells Andria dust resistant ceiling fan has aesthetics and styling, crisp, geometric design to suit very good surrounding. This ceiling fan has optimized trim size for better air delivery and less air turbulence. 

This ceiling fan has high speed fan with 390 RPM. It has good looks and durable. This ceiling fan has powdered coated finish therefore dust resist. It has robust motor and crafted blades for highest air delivers. This ceiling fan is very charm and beautiful finishing.

5. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption 70 Watts
Sweep 1200 mm
Special Feature Metallic Finish with Lacquer Coating

Orient Electric Wendy ceiling fan is extraordinary model of ceiling fan. This ceiling fan has metallic finish with lacquer coating for longer life and stylish look. It has wider blades for higher air thrust and high air delivery. This ceiling fan is noiseless means no noise while running.

This ceiling fan has durable because full copper motor and ribbed aluminium blades. This ceiling fan is dual colours combination which is very stylish and elegant look our home . This ceiling fan can use in bedroom, dining room, small offices and master bedroom.

6. Crompton Deco Decorative 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption 70 Watts
Sweep 1200 mm
Special Feature Anti-corrosive Aluminium Blades

Crompton Deco high speed decorative ceiling fan is consumer leading companies. This ceiling fan has ribbed aluminium body that cover large area for deliver air. This ceiling fan has motor with double ball bearing which run smooth without make noise.

This ceiling fan motor has copper winding therefore it goes lifelong. This ceiling fan is décor in living room, bedroom as well as dining room for looking beautiful ceiling.

Best Ceiling Fans सबसे अच्छा पंखा कौन सा है

Ceiling fan is useful for our home. This ceiling fan is very essential appliancess. Ceiling fans are different varieties which gives very different looks . Ceiling fan has copper winding with aluminium ribbed therefore fan runs that time , it goes smooth as well as without much noise in fan .

Latest fan has dual colours which looks very elegant. Ceiling fan has mirror finish , sleek and contrast which is very beautiful. Usha bloom Doffodil goodbye dust ceiling fan has new paint technology which novel silane paint technology, it can resistant to oil, dust, scratches or moisture. New ceiling fan has unique wider blades provides higher and fresh air delivers.

Atomberg Effico ceiling fan has inverter stabilization technology which gives same speed in fluctuate input voltage. Ceiling fans have 4 level speed setting . Ceiling fan can be used in dinning room, living room, master bedroom. Atomberg Ellico company has smart remote for ceiling fan which control speed, boost ,timer mode. More information and buy we can see above information and above link.

Ceiling fans is the most common home appliances in all homes. Because in Summer people are looking for affordable options for home air conditioning. While purchasing a Air Conditioner (AC); You have good budget and it consumes lots of electricity.

Therefore many people choose the best option to go with Ceiling Fans. Now there are many options and different brands for ceiling fans. You buy a living room ceiling fans with too many options like High Speed Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Fan with Light, Ceiling Fan with Remote etc.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which brand is Best for Ceiling Fan in India?

Atomberg Efficio, Orient Electric, Luminous, Havells, Usha are the best brands for Ceiling Fans.

Which Ceiling Fan is Best for Summer in India?

Best Ceiling Fans for Sumer is High Speed and Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan e.g. Orient Electric Summer Crown 47-inch Ceiling Fan, Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan etc.

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