8 Best Thermal Printer in India 2022 {थर्मल प्रिंटर}

Best Thermal Printer in India | (थर्मल प्रिंटर) | Retail Bill Printing Machine

Thermal printers work by using heat they are producing an image on paper. The thermal printing process heats thermal paper with a special dye coating that turns black when it is heated.

They are dot-matrix printers that operate by driving heated pins against special heat-sensitive paper to print the image onto the paper. 

Best Thermal Printer in India

Thermal printers are used to create safety signs, way-finding markers, labels, barcodes, and shipping labels.

The below-mentioned list will help you to find all the information you need to make the right purchase.

List of Top 8 Best Thermal Printer in India :

Are you looking for "Which is the best Thermal Printer" then this list will helpful for you to get a best bill printing machines online.

1. TVS Electronics RP3160 Gold Thermal Printer

TVS Electronic RP 3160 Gold thermal receipt printer is use in retail business as it accelerates the billing process. It is reduce transaction time and cutting back on long queues. It has small footprint. It occupies less space. It has 203 dpi resolution .

This thermal printer has cash drawer port and ethernet interface. This thermal printer has 4MB flash memory. This thermal printer has good quality and performance.

2. Niyama Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Printer

Niyama wireless Bluetooth thermal printer  is light weight portable size. This thermal printer has software development skill to integrate with android and iOS application.

This thermal printer has long printing time and better printing effect by using low power consumption. This thermal printer is easy to load paper and use. This thermal printer is excellent product.

3. Wizzit Xprinter XP320M 80mm POS Thermal Printer

This Thermal printer has thermal printing technology. This thermal printer has USB connector. This thermal printer has heavy duty work .It has supports all POS billing software and it also comes with auto cutter and cash drawer.

This thermal printer has one printer , USB cable and 1 driver CD. This thermal printer is easy to install. This thermal printer having good printing quality.

4. Unbranded Rollo Shipping Label Printer

This printer has thermal technology. It is thermal direct label includes free UPS labels. It is high speed printer . It has advanced thermal direct technology prints without requiring toner or ink. It is compatible with windows XP, MAC.

It is high speed , wide format label make prints labels up to 4.1 inches wide. This is very excellent thermal label printer and high speed. It including 4 inches* 6 inches shipping labels, warehouse label, barcode and ID labels , FBA labels, bulk mailing labels.

5. Infinity Infocom 58mm Thermal Printer

This thermal printer has 58mm maintenance free USD thermal printer for fast printing. It has infinity Bill Lute GST software for invoicing , inventory and barcode label printing. It is high speed barcode scanner.

It supports software of Laser, Inkjet, thermal and barcode printers. IT is user friendly. It,s main feature is rich software with GST Tax reports.

6. DYMO 1752265 Thermal Label Printer

This printer based on thermal technology. It is portable device. IT has 1 ppm maximum colour print speed. It has USB connectivity. It has 71 ppm maximum monochrome print.

It has 670 inches/ 1700 cm visible screen diagonal. It is very useful for a physician , pharmacist, health care professional.

7. Retsol TP806 Direct Thermal Printer

This printer has thermal technology . It patent unique vertical double auto cutter design. It has compatible with various width paper. It is easy to load resin wax ribbon and eliminate label sheets for every print.

It has quick prints ,barcode labels , tags and other text. It doesn't spend money on toner or ink. It has sensor which detect black mark or gap media. It has flexible connectivity just like USB port, serial , parallel Ethernet, WI-FI, Bluetooth.

8. JT X printer XP 320V Thermal Printer

This printer has thermal technology . It is very versatile printer from X printer family. It is thermal printer with auto cutter. This thermal printer having auto cutter, USB and LAN interface. It is hassle free.

It works all software. It is portable . It is high performance. It is easy to use and also it is user friendly.

8 Best Thermal Printer in India 2022 {थर्मल प्रिंटर}

Thermal printer has new advanced thermal technology. These thermal printer have high speed printer for fast printing . These thermal printer don't need toner and ink therefore they spend money. These thermal printers have more flexible connectivity just like USB port, Serial , parallel , Ethernet, WI-FI, Bluetooth.

These thermal printer have 1 ppm maximum colour print speed and 71 ppm maximum monochrome prints. These thermal printer have support software of Laser , Inkjet, Thermal and barcode printers

These thermal printer include infinity bill Lite GST software for invoicing, inventory and barcode label printing. These Thermal printer have auto cutter , USB and LAN interface . These thermal printers have high performance.

These thermal printer have main feature software with GST Tax reports. These thermal printer have easy to handle and user friendly. These thermal printers are useful for physician, pharmacist ,health care professional, malls ,shops, hotels for retail billing.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which is the Best Thermal Printer?

Both TVS Electronics Thermal Printer and DYMO Thermal Label Printer are the Best Thermal Printers.

Which Receipt Printer is Best?

TVS Electronics RP3160 Gold Thermal Printer, Wizzit Xprinter Thermal Printer are the Best receipt Printers.

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