6 Best Stethoscope for Doctors in India 2022 [स्टेथोस्कोप]

Top 6 Best Stethoscope in India 2022 (Doctors/Medical Students)| (सबसे अच्छा स्टेथोस्कोप )

The stethoscope is a medical device is used to listen to the sounds produced within the body especially in the Heart, lungs, and intestinal sounds.

The word stethoscope is derived from the two Greek words, stethos (chest) and scopos (examination). So it is called a stethoscope.

In the Stethoscope a disc and the tube of the stethoscope amplify small sounds which produce in the patient's body such as the sound of a patient's lungs, heart, and other sounds inside the body, making them sound louder. The amplified sounds travel up the stethoscope's tube to the earpieces that the doctor listens through.

Best Stethoscope for Doctors in India

Depending on the field you work in, you may have different requirements for a stethoscope. To ease the selection process follow the list.

List of Top 6 Best Stethoscope in India :

Are you a Doctor or a Medical Student looking for Stethoscope then we are providing you list 6 Best Stethoscopes available Online.

1. 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

Weight 430 gm
Color Black and Violet
Special Feature Designed for Adult and Paediatric Patients

This stethoscope is diagnose and make decisions with confidence. This is designed for use with adult and pediatric patients. This hear subtle changes in patient status. This stethoscope has better audibility of high frequency sounds.

This stethoscope is sturdy and refined. It is useful in critical care and challenging environments such as ed, icu, cardiac icu, step down unit and other dynamic locations.

2. 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope
Weight 100 gm
Color Navy Blue
Special Feature Two-sided Chestpiece with Tunable diaphragms

This stethoscope is two sided chest piece with tuneable diaphragms on both adult and pediatric sides. It provides longer life due to improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol.

It has stainless steel chest piece is precision machined into an aesthetically pleasing, less angular shape. It has snap tight ear tips have a soft, smooth surface providing comfortable acoustic sound.

3. MDF Instruments MDF747XP-BO Stethoscope

Weight 140.62 gm
Color Black
Special Feature Prevent Punctured Ear drums and Patented safety Lock

This stethoscope is all purpose lightweight and durable, convenient. It is diagnostic instrument that delivers accurate auscultation of heart lung and Korotkoff sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity.

It prevents punctured ear drums and patented safety lock. It is precisely machined and had polished for accurate readings with less strain on the practitioner. It allows the user to easily identify the active sound channel.

4. Rossmax Eb600 Cardiology Stethoscope

Weight 239 gm
Color Multicolor
Special Feature Super Acoustic sensitivity

This stethoscope is advanced stainess steel construction. It has two sided of soft ear tips. This stethoscope has extra diaphragm included latex free accessories diaphragms ear tips.

This stethoscope has super acoustic sensitivity. This stethoscope has tubes in one includes two interchangeable bells.

5. RCSP Super Deluxe III Cardiology Dual Head Stethoscope

Weight -
Color Chocolate
Special Feature Suitable for Doctors and Medical Student

This stethoscope is extra large bell for unsurpassed low frequency response. It has colour coordinated non chill bell and snap on ring to retain diaphragm for patient comfort. This stethoscope has soft sealing ear tips with metal bush.

It is special diaphragm designed for adults and kids also. This stethoscope is suitable for doctors and medical students. It is very elegant, attractive and comfortable.

6. IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope

IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope

Weight 460
Color Black
Special Feature Double Sided Chest Piece Technology

This stethoscope machined stainless steel chest piece. This stethoscope has double sided chest piece technology. It has spare diaphragm and soft ear tips provided absolutely free of cost.

It is reliable and high acoustic sensitive an advantage to health care professionals when listening to heart, lung and blood pressure sounds.

Best Stethoscope for Medical Students / Stethoscope for MBBS Students

Stethoscope is main instrument of doctors. Stethoscope is very important in medical field. These stethoscope are various types and different companies. Stethoscopes are very light weight and durable. 

These stethoscope are diagnostic instrument which can delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung and karat off sound. Stethoscope is very special diapharagm designed for adults as well as kids. Stethoscope is also reliable and high acoustic sensitive therefore it merits health care profession. These stethoscope is very precision machine.

These stethoscope is better audibility of high frequency sound. Rossmax stethoscope is very comfortable and acoustic sensitivity RCSP stethoscope is extra large bell for unsurpassed low frequency response which 3M littman classic stethoscope II & III ia very clear diagnose and correct decision to get doctors.

These stethoscope  are get very clear sound. MDF company make stethoscope for student and practitioner doctors. Various different companies made very good and clear acoustic stethoscope like RCSP, Indosurgicals, MDF, 3M Littman IV, 3M Littman classic III, Rossmax. For these stethoscope move information and we want to buy please referred above links.

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