9 Best Mascara For Volume in India 2022

Best Mascara in India | सबसे अच्छे मस्कारा (काजल)

Mascara is used to enhance the appearance of the eyes by lengthening, thickening,curling and usually darkening the eyelashes. It adds beauty to your lashes.It is usually applied with the brush.

Mascara helps not only to emphasize makeup, but also gives a special look. It can be cherry on our glam look.

Best Mascara For Volume in India

Here are few best Mascras enlisted below :


List of Top 9 Best Mascara in India

Find the list of Top 9 Mascara or Kajal available Online with features like Waterproof, daily use, transparent etc. for your beautiful eyes

1. SoulTree Ayurvedic Mascara

SoulTree Ayurvedic mascara is ayurvedic mascara which nourishes eyelashes to give natural look. This mascara can be apply this mascara to both upper and lower lashes.

This mascara contains goodness of castor oil that hydrates and strength black seed oil that promotes growth and organic tea leaves to dark eyelashes. Mascara is useful for office working women and corporate life women to look smart.

2. SUGAR Cosmetics Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara 

Sugar cosmetics up down curl lengthening mascara is fulfilling all lashes fantasies. This mascara is high tech curved brush and extreme. This mascara is curl and dramatic voluminous looks and smudge proof. 

This mascara is easy to removal with warm water. This mascara is stay smudge and flaking for over 8 hours. This mascara has fibrous texture and light weight. This mascara has black ULTRA creamy and intense black.

3. Lakmé Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara

Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara has smart curl brush to use easy very fine. It has light weight, light wear mascara with D-Panthenol moisturizer. This mascara gives volume to lashes daily.

This mascara has moisturizer keeps lashes smoothen. Lakme eye conic curling mascara has two intense shades which looks fabulous. This mascara is unique type mascara, it looks dramatic and iconic eye.

4. L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara

LOreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara

L'Oreal Paris lash Paradise mascara has unique brush which long eyelashes by voluptuous volume and intense length. This mascara has 200+bristles which catch every lash for dramatic fine out.

It is ULTRA creamy , castor oil and balmy formula to get flaking , smudging or clumping. This mascara has rose oil which gives fatty acids and boost growth. It has cornflower extract for soften and hydrates to look healthy.


Start Makers mascara is professional natural 4D lash mascara which have full lash fringe and soft feathers. This mascara gives enhance and magnify natural eyelashes. Mascara is specially natural plant extraction maintain eyelashes lender dense and curly. It is very good product.

It is not breakable cosmetics product This mascara is waterproof smudge proof natural mascara. This mascara is use for looking nice our eyes.

6. Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara

Maybelline New York Hyper curl mascara is very favourite mascara in women. This mascara gives curl eyelashes up to 18 hours therefore it looks fine . This black mascara is helps spectacular volume and thicker to eyelashes it looks very elegant.

This mascara has hyper curl formula means it gives dual effect one is instant builds 3 times volume and helps curl eyelashes thick. It looks very ultra glum. This mascara gives confident to wide eyes.

7. Mars Ultra Curl Long lasting Mascara

Mars Ultra curl long lasting mascara is more natural looking volume to eyelashes. This mascara has smart curl brush to provide perfect curl. It has wand to womb out any clumps to remove the excess mascara.

This mascara is unique brush that lashes from root to tip without down. This mascara is glam up any looks gorgeous rich black pigment. It is very good mascara.

8. Swiss Beauty Mascara

Swiss Beauty mascara is lovely and ultimate curling black mascara. This mascara is especially designed for pointy eyelashes because it looks very glossy. This mascara is moisturizer keeps lashes smooth and clean.

This mascara gives volume to lashes whole day. This mascara can be used upper side and lower side of eyelashes. This mascara is so nourished shine , silky lashes with gorgeous volume. This mascara is curling mascara.

9. Blue Heaven Walk Free Green Pack Mascara

Blue Heaven Walk Free Green Pack mascara is black in colour. This mascara is curl tip, visible lift. This mascara brush is balled tipped and perfect for corners. This mascara is water proof.

It can be easily remove extra mascara by cotton swab dipped in small amount of eye. This mascara is very good use for co-operate offices girls and women, Working women as well as for makeup.

Best Mascara For Volume [Waterproof, Transparent]

Mascara is one of the makeup product which is use in eyelashes . Mascara is basically black colour . Mascara is nourishment product. Mascara has curl brush there will fine and very good curl of eyelashes , it looks very beautiful.

Mascara is used in two sided upper and lower sided. Mascara gives volume and thick border to eyelashes. Mascara is ayurvedic product doesn't effect on eyelashes. Mascara is goes whole day without smudge and flaking. Mascara is look gorgeous and shiny eyes.

This looks very confident and smart. Mascara is use women for look smart and looking beautiful. Mascara is curl brush which looks very stunning. Mascara can give magnify eyelashes therefore our face looks very great.

Maybelline New York mascara has hyper curl formula , it gives dual effect. Mascara has creamy and castor oil to get flaking , smudging. Mascara is used in makeup for all occasions.

What are the Benefits of Mascaras?

Check the all following points to get all benefits of Mascaras.

  • While going out and in party you want a Fuller look for your lashes then you must use the Mascaras.
  • It makes your eyes more attractive and beautiful look with adding volume for lashesh.
  • Use a light Mascara, If you are going to use it daily.

Now there are different types and different colors Mascaras available in Market.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the Number 1 Selling Mascara?

Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara is the Best and Top Selling Mascara Online.

Which mascara is Best for Daily use?

Seven Seas Professional Eye Care Mascara is the best for Daily Use.

Which is the Best Volume Mascara?

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara is gives you Best Volume.

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