Benefits of Air Bike

These bikes, like any other, offer all the benefits of cycling for both physical health, stress reduction, and weight loss. But what specific benefits do stationary air bike offer?

Let's see. Reduces joint impact In general, cycling is a low-impact activity compared to running. When used according to your energy and without "external" resistance, air bikes should further prevent joint damage. 

Helps with more significant weight loss They say that air bikes are 15% more efficient when it comes to losing weight, a question that I have not been able to prove scientifically. However, beyond percentages, this machine indeed helps burn more calories than others.

Benefits of Air Bike

On the one hand, because of the high intensity that it can reach by taking your heart to its maximum in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, because when working the upper part as well, there is a greater physical demand.

If we look at the calorie loss count per activity, we could think that with an air bike, you will not only be able to burn the calories typical of a standard bike session, but you would have to add some more from work with the elliptical. Works the muscles in a more comprehensive way. With intense pedaling, you will work the legs and also the gluteal area, and the lower back.

If you add to this the handles, you will include the upper muscle groups such as shoulders, biceps, and triceps. The central area is also activated because it is the one that generates the movement that drives our joints (cycling puts the knees, ankles, and hips to work, among other joints) and also maintains the correct posture.

Working with high-intensity intervals has been shown to offer more excellent benefits than moderate exercise.

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