Are Elliptical Bikes Suitable for the Home?

Are Elliptical Bikes Suitable for the home?

Unlike treadmills or exercise bikes, there is no truly folding model.

So when we think “adapted for the home”, we refer to three criteria: the space occupied on the floor, the ease of transport and the sound level.

For the first point, it is enough to take into account, on the product sheet, the first two-dimensional data (width x length). Ideally, an elliptical trainer should be less than 1 square meter.

Are Elliptical Bikes Suitable for the Home

Those who do not have a lot of space in their apartment will prefer some designs. And generally it all comes down to choosing the position of the wheel. If the wheel is under the handlebars or under the pedals, it is often the most compact model.

They have some drawbacks, especially in terms of ergonomics: you will notice that sports halls are often equipped with an elliptical bike whose wheel is located behind the pedals. For this type of model, however, you must be at least 1m30 or 1m50 long.

The second point is not complicated. If an elliptical trainer exceeds 30 kg, it can be difficult to place it in a corner of the room where it is least disturbing. All the bikes I have selected have a rubber transport wheel - it allows you to move a 40kg bike without much effort. Always make sure that the model you are going to buy has it!

It is always better to prefer an elliptical bike whose main parts are made of steel, with rubber studs.

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