7 Best Yamaha Keyboard in India [Yamaha Digital Piano]

Top 7 Best Yamaha Keyboard in India| Yamaha Digital Piano

Music is so so vast that anyone  can feel its divine presence.

One such instrument is a Yamaha digital keyboard. Have you ever question about it is "Which Yamaha Keynoard is best" then here is the get a details of Yamaha Musical Keyboards and Yamaha Keyboard Models List. You are newbie to play a keyboard then you must buy a Best Yamaha Keyboard for Beginners.

The joy of creating mesmerizing melodies on the keyboards cannot be described in words.  It produces colourful music for entertainment of your mind, body, and soul.

Best Yamaha Keyboard in India

This keyboard offers great sound and the key quality is also very good.

It is good if you are a beginner and you are thinking to use it then the below mention list of Yamaha Electric Piano or Yamaha Piano Keyboard is for you.

List of Top 7 Best Yamaha Piano Keyboard/ Yamaha Electric Piano in India | यामाहा डिजिटल कीबोर्ड

Find the List of Top 7  Best Yamaha Piano Keyboards available in India with reviews.

1. Yamaha PSR-S775 61-Key Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-S775 keyboard is powerful musical instrument . This keyboard is useful for live performance as well as recording . This keyboard is large content and large memory capacity for expansion packs. This keyboard has attractive sound library covering a wide range of genres .

This keyboard has flexible audio playback and mic / guitar input for live performance . It has I460 voices, organ flutes , 50 drum/sfx kits,480xg voices ,433 styles This keyboard has include session styles. It has USB audio playback with time stretch. It has vocal cancel and MP3 lyrics display function also.

2. Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Yamaha P45B is newest member of Yamaha P series piano. This Yamaha P45B has main feature Yamaha GHS means Graded Hammer Standard piano action that provides heavier touch on the lower keys. This Yamaha digital piano has USB to host , Headphone/ audio out , sustain peda.

This Yamaha P45B digital piano has 88 number of keys. This Yamaha P45B has contemporary design with a small footprint that allows for easy portability and storage. This digital piano has advanced wave memory which uses for digital technology to record and instrument's sound.

3. Yamaha PSR I455 Digital Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-I455 digital keyboard has 61 keyboard . This digital keyboard has LCD display. This digital instrument has 753 number of voices. This digital piano is very good for professional and home recording .

Yamaha piano has very good storage case. This Yamaha portable keyboard , we can carry anywhere.

4. Yamaha keyboard PSR-E463, 61-Keys Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E-463 keyboard has 61 keys. This keyboard is digital piano , sound and powerful sound engine. This Yamaha digital keyboard has 48 note polyphony allows for more notes to be played without drop out.

This Yamaha digital keyboard piano is add live control knobs and powerhouse allows to expand in performance. This Yamaha digital keyboard connect to USB with MIDI and audio transfer allows connection to music making software.


Yamaha PSR-1500 portable keyboard with adapter is ideal keyboard for Indian music lovers. In this digital keyboard in built riyaaz functions with 30 taals of tabla , tanpura, and mridangam.

In this keyboard has 801 instruments voices, 40 Indian instruments 282 auto accompaniment styles and 50 Indian styles. It has auto accompaniment function and MIDI file import . This keyboard is very good for performer and learner Indian music.

6. Yamaha PSR-I400 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-I400 has 61 key portable keyboard is very good playing and learning keyboard. This keyboard has an extensive library of sounding Indian instruments. This digital keyboard has lesson functions that make learning fun and easy.

This Yamaha keyboard has prese touch response keyboard express pro. This Yamaha keyboard has 218 pre-set styles and included 35 Indian styles. This keyboard has excellent sound quality.

7. Yamaha PSR-E463 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E463 keyboard is portable 61 keys keyboard. This keyboard has 785 high quality voices. This keyboard has quick 5 sample functions. This keyboard has 35 grooves and 5 sections means 4 main and 1 music climax. It has 235 auto accompaniment styles.

This keyboard has real time control knobs, DSP effects and pitch blend. This Yamaha keyboard has connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities. This keyboard is easy to use and it is touch response keyboard with powerful on board. This keyboard piano is very good for live performance.

Yamaha digital keyboard piano is various types of keyboard . This modern keyboard has basically 61 keys. Digital keyboard has in built 35 Indian styles. This digital keyboard has 48 note polyphony. This digital instrument has 753 number of voices.

Yamaha PSR I500 portable keyboard has in built riyaaz function with 30 tools of tanpura, Mridangam. Digital keyboard has connectivity USB, MIDI file import. Yamaha PSR I400 keyboard has 218 pre-set styles.

This Yamaha digital keyboard is used in live performance, voice recording, learner and performer. Digital keyboard piano is excellent sound quality. Yamaha digital keyboard is portable therefore we can carry anywhere.

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