8 Best Wet Mixer Grinder in India 2021

 Best Wet Mixer Grinder in India | Best Mixer Grinder for Wet Grinding | वेट मिक्सर ग्राइंडर

Whether you want to grind the grains or make a idli batter, the one all rounder tool that can accomplish all the task is "Wet Mixer Grinder"

Especially designed for Indian market these mixer grinders are key to your hastle free kitchen routine and can help assist you to make the batter in few minutes, minimizing the your effort and time spent on recipe. Few of people are looking for idli mixer grinder then You must buy this Wet Mixer Grinder Online.

Best Wet Mixer Grinder in India

If you considering buying one and confused with so much options to choose from, we are here to help you. Find below the list of the most popular wet grinder in India.  You are doing a regular wet grinding then you must go with Heavy Duty Wet Mixer Grinder.

List of Top 8 Wet Grinder in India :

Are you looking for Best Wet Mixer Grinders in India then here is the list of Top Wet mixer Grinders..

1. Vidiem WG ST 327 A Wet Grinder

Vidiem WG ST 327 A  wet grinder with food processor is very unique compact design. This wet grinder can store easily . This wet grinder has high torque direct drive 100% copper motor therefore it gives high efficiency and 50% less power. It has long life motor .

This wet grinder has belt less gear system which maintains free , no slip , no wear , no failure . This wet grinder has precision machined stone base smooth and quick grinding , safe and hygienic. It has extra wide stone rollers for fine grinding . It has wide face wipers is easy wiper adjustment . It has stainless steel drum by easy handling.

2. Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

This wet grinder is full automatic with cutting edge 3D alpha flow technology . it has stainless steel drum which easy to use and clean . It has 2 high quality grinding stones for fine grinding and life long. It has transparent lid therefore clear view inside.

It has 2 litres capacity at a time . this product is truely versatile companion for kitchen . In this wet grinder , we grind batter for dosa , soft idlis , or fluffy vadas , knead dough for soft roties. It is designed very compact enough to store in small space . This product is excellent for kitchen.

3. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder

This wet grinder has light weight and durable . This wet grinder is looks great it makes kitchen brighter and classy . This wet grinder has AISI 304 stainless steel drums which drums not resistant and store batter for comfortable long time period . This wet grinder has heavy duty motor for swift perfect grinding .

It is pace steady and doesn't heat up the stone which generate less heat while grinding in higher fermentation rise . It has 2 litre capacity. It is easy to use , clean. Clean of conical stones , batter cleaner attachment helps remove the batter from conical stone . This wet grinder has SS304 stainless steel.

4. Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder

Butterfly Rhino mixer plus wet grinder is compact designed . This wet grinder has ABS plastic material which is shock proof body . This wet grinder has 2 conical roller stone which is very good batter and good fermentation .

This wet grinder has unbreakable and transparent arm lid made of polycarbonate material . This wet grinder has motor overload protection . It is accident  free . This wet grinder is light weight and easy to handle. This is maintain free.

5. Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinders

Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinders

Sowarna laxmi wet grinder has plastic body . It has robost construction which provides excellent grinding .  It is easy to clean . This wet grinder has hassle free . This wet grinder has noiseless operation. 

This wet grinder has good stuff . This wet grinder has heavy duty motor . It has additional attachment like coconut scraper and atta kneader . It is very classy wet grinder.

6. Lifelong Classic Table Top Wet Grinder

Lifelong wet grinder is multiple uses . It has sturdy motor . It has stainless steel drum which is easy to clean and store batter long time in it . It has extra wide stone rollers used fine grinding without heating of ingredients and better fermentation of batter .

It has powerful motor which have heavy duty and high torque and long life motor . It has highly durable cylindrical grinding of the batter. This wet grinder has sturdy high torque single phase motor . It has detachable stainless steel drum and roller stone assembly . This wet grinder is classy and great design.

7. Premier Compact Wet Grinder

Premier Compact Wet Grinder

This premier compact wet grinder has versatile wet grinder . Tis wet grinder has 2 litres grinding capacity . It ha 200 W power motor. This wet grinder has grinding stone which rotation is optimised to avoid over heating therefore preserving micro nutrients in the paste .

This wet grinder has high quality stones for fast and efficient grind . This wet grinder has great motor efficiency. This wet grinder is multiple purpose like masalas , purees , souaps and chutneys. This wet grinder made batter of dosa , idilies very nice.

8. Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder

Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder

This wet grinder is made up of stainless steel . This wet grinder is durable kitchen . This wet grinder is prevent rusting and has vacuum feet to easy operation . this wet grinder has high performance induction motor which is noiseless .

It has efficient and durable grinding stones . It is super clean surface finish . This wet grinder is very classy and elegant.

How to Choose Wet Grinder?

Wet grinder is very useful for dosa , idilies batter. Wet grinder has stone for grinding . It has good taste . Every wet grinder has 2 stones which grind for perfect batter . This wet grinder has many companies like Vidiem . Panasonic , Elgi Ultra , Life long Grinders .

Wet grinder has 2 litres capacity which is sufficient for families . Good wet grinder has good capacity of the motor means 200 W power . Wet grinder is easily maintenance because of its stainless steel drum . This wet grinder is easily clean .

Many wet grinder has conical stone , They can do batter and fermentation for fluffy batter. Best wet grinder has high torque motor which is noiseless and hassle free. New wet grinder has more attachment like coconut scraper and atta kneader . These wet grinder is designed very compact and store in small space . Above wet grinder is very simple and classy looking.

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