Which is Better Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

Which Coffee Machine is Best Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic?

When choosing a coffee machine, you have the choice to go for a fully automatic espresso machine or a semi-automatic espresso machine. To make a choice from one of the two, we would like to explain the difference between the two coffee machines.

You want a perfect coffee and looking for a Best Coffee Machine. But you have a little confusion between which Coffee Machine is Better for Fully Automatic Coffee Machine or Semi Automatic Coffee Machine. Then here we add a detailed article to get your confusion solved.

Which Coffee Machine is Best Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic

A semi-automatic espresso machine works partly automatically. This means that you still have to perform a number of actions yourself to finally be able to enjoy your espresso.

This may sound logical, but a fully automatic machine (unfortunately) does not work with the snap of a finger. With a semi-automatic espresso machine you have to perform a few more actions than with a fully automatic machine.

To start, you put ground coffee in a so-called 'piston'. A piston is a part of a coffee machine, a kind of separate coffee filter, into which you put the ground coffee and then place it in the machine yourself.

When you have put the ground coffee in the piston, tamp it with the tamper. You do this to make the coffee more compact and to let the water run evenly through the filter, so that the ground coffee has a better chance of actually getting into the cup.

If you don't mash the ground coffee, your espresso will be super watery and of course you don't want that. Then you place the piston in the device and you can switch on the device. Don't forget to clean the piston well before your next espresso. Only in this way will you get the best espressos.

Due to the extra actions that you have to perform, the semi-automatic espresso machines are purchased to a lesser extent for private use, but more for coffee shops. Thanks to the built-in bean grinder of a fully automatic espresso machine, you don't have to go through the above steps and you can enjoy your espresso faster and easier.

We will not make the choice for you to go for a semi-automatic or a fully automatic espresso machine. 

If you want to put a little more time and effort into making a delicious espresso, a semi-automatic espresso machine might be for you.

If you drink a lot of coffee during the day, a fully automatic espresso machine might suit you better.

Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Which is Better Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
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