Parts of a Washing Machine

Washing Machine : That great invention that has made life easier for us since the last century. We all have one washing machine at home, but do we know how it really works?

Parts of a Washing Machine

Parts of a Washing Machine

Currently, there are washing machines of all kinds, although all of them are based on the same structure (Top Load Washing Machine, Front Load Washing Machine ), which consists of the following parts:

Drum: Any washing machine has a central drum with holes, in which, when it is in motion, water is introduced (causing it to mix with the detergent).

Tray: The bucket is responsible for protecting and supporting the drum. It also makes temperature and water changes possible.

Motor (electric): Which produces the movement responsible for making the drum turn. The most common are located behind and below the drum.

Strap: It is responsible for transmitting the movement of the motor to the pulley, which rotates at the same time as the drum.

Shock Absorbers: These are similar to springs, and are responsible for holding the weight of the drum and supporting its movements, reducing the sound and rocking movement of the washing machine.

Endurance: This is arranged in the space between the bucket and the drum, and is in charge of heating the water as much, as indicated by the microprocessor.

Inside the Drum of a Washing Machine

Water Pump : This piece will be in charge of pumping the necessary water during the washing process.

Water Inlets : These inputs are based on pipes (hot and cold water) that lead to a reservoir where the resistance is located. They transport the clean water into the washing machine and evacuate the water once used.

Filter :  located in the drain tube, in charge of retaining objects that could obstruct the washing machine ducts.

Deposit for Detergents:  It is usually found in the upper left part of the washing machine, and has several compartments for different detergents, fabric softeners.

Microprocessor : In charge of controlling the operation of the different washing options (temperature, amount of water ). It is usually located on the upper part of the right side of the body.

Timer : The timer is based on a clock that advances once the washing has started and controls the operation of the different operations of the same, marking the time of each cycle

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