How to Keep the Washing Machine Clean?

Washing Machine washes clothes for us, Washing Machine do out help daily. At the end point you must know that "How to Keep the Washing Machine Clean?"

How to Keep the Washing Machine Clean

You have to follow following steps to Keep your Washing Machine Clean.

  • First take out the drawer where you put the detergent. Take a tray, put in hot water, recycle an old toothbrush (in my opinion a new one is better than cheap ones) of organic detergent and clean it well.
  • Then pass a patch into the space of the washing machine that contains the drawer. You will find dirt!
  • Put back the clean drawer, put 1 cup of soda powder and start the vacuum wash with the longest cycle. Then when you have finished washing take half a liter of white vinegar, put it in the basket and always choose the high temperature program.
  • If you live in an area with very calcareous water, repeat this operation every 3 months, with this thorough washing you will also remove the limescale residues.

Soda or Sodium Carbonate, you will find it in the supermarket.

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