How do you Properly Clean your Refrigerator?

How do you Properly Clean your Refrigerator?

It could just be that cleaning is not your favorite activity. You Purchased a brand new refrigerator. Now prices are high and you think to enjoy your refrigerator longer life then you must do cleaning of your refrigerator regularly.

How do you Properly Clean your Refrigerator

In this article you get a all information about How to Clean your Refrigerator Properly and Keep it Up to Date. Follow few steps and clean your refrigerator.

To Get Started,

  • Unplug the Power Cord and remove all removable trays, racks, and containers from the refrigerator and clean them thoroughly.

  • You could do this, for example, by placing them in a container of water to which you have added a little chlorine.

  • Let it soak for a while and then rinse all parts well. Dry them well with a clean with microfiber towel.

  • Wipe the inside of your refrigerator well with a damp cloth and water to which you have added some detergent.

  • If you prefer to use soda, that is also possible. Then use a tablespoon of soda on 5 liters of water.

  • Always check the Water Drainage Carefully.

  • If this is clogged, the refrigerator can no longer cool properly.

  • You can do this with a skewer with a piece of kitchen paper wrapped around it.

  • Running a drop of chlorine through it a few times a year can also do wonders.

  • Don't forget to give the door seals soapy water when cleaning the refrigerator!

  • When you have cleaned everything, dry the refrigerator well with a dry cloth or a piece of kitchen paper.

After cleaned everything you must let refrigerator dry then switch it on..

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