5 Tips to Wash and Care for your Clothes

Many times we wash our garments without knowing the basic care that we must take with the fabrics, finishes and textures, the dose that we must use, or what detergent is appropriate to remove stains and dirt on clothes, and thus avoid the colors do not lose their tonality, and all this implies investing more time, more water, more energy and various washing supplies.

Tips to Wash and Care for your Clothes

You must follow the give following 5 tips while washing your clothes.

Table of Content
        1. Sorting of your Clothes
        2. Garments Need a Pre-Wash
        3. Washing Machine Capacity
        4. Water Temperature Levels
        5. Buy A High-Tech and Efficient Washing Machine   

1. Sorting of your Clothes

Turning your clothes inside out will protect them during the wash. This prevents the jeans from turning white at the seams.

The classification of the colors of the garments is essential since, if we combine light colors with dark colors, it is most likely that the light colors will stain and the garments go from the washing machine to the garbage can.

2. Garments Need a Pre-Wash

In the pre-treatment stage, the only objective is to remove the stains and protect the original colors by eliminating those stains that have stuck for a long time.

When dirt gets into fabrics, if not treated beforehand, it leaves marks that won't come off with a simple home wash. If the garments have stubborn stains, moisten them with a little concentrated Detergent Powder and pre-treat.

3. Washing Machine Capacity

Modern washing machines are designed to use less water when washing clothes, so when using them, you have to be very careful not to overfill them. If the space between the top of the drum and the laundry is less than a hand's width, the washer is probably too full.

If that's the case, the dirty laundry could absorb so much water that there won't be enough left to dissolve the detergent.

For best results use the following tips:

If you have a Top-loading Washing Machine :

Load the Washing machine below its Maximum capacity. There should be enough water for the detergent to dissolve and enough room for the clothes to move.

Arrange clothes evenly, placing large items at the bottom of the tub, then small items, and medium items at the end.

If you have a Front Loading washing machine :

Load the Washing Machine leaving a hand-width gap running from the top of the tub and laundry.

4. Water Temperature Levels

It may seem irrelevant, but choosing the correct water temperature in your washing machine will help take care of your clothes. Some fabrics need warm water for a deeper cleaning, while others only need cold water.

So you must be clear at what temperature you should put the water, with this you not only save time but also resources such as water, electricity and of course, detergent.

5. Buy A High-Tech and Efficient Washing Machine

The best investment in a home, after the mattress, is a washing machine. This will allow you to save time, effort, energy, water and, above all, take care of your clothes.

Now Many different brands of Washing Machines offers you  an excellent option with Smart fully Automatic Washing Machine with its exclusive system has better washing performance.

Above are the given best cleaning and care tips for your clothes. There are the few simple tips you take while cleaning of your clothes.

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