6 Best Modular Drawer Storage in India 2021

Best Modular Drawers in India for Storage

Modular drawers can be a nice addition to your storage accessories in home. No matter what you need to store, they can help to save the space and looks great.

They come in variety of colors and shapes so that you can choose the one that go with your home interior. 

In this article, we have jolted down few Best Modular drawers in India that you can use for storage at your home.

Best Modular Drawer Storage in India

You are looking for a Best Modular Plastic Drawers or Modular drawer cabinet for Storage then here we are providing you list of Top 6 Modular Storage with Drawers.

1. Cello Storewell Chest of Drawers

Size (LxWxH) 38 x 43 x 69.5 C cm
Colour Ice Grey
Feature Great finish, Strong and Sturdy

This cello modular drawer is very nice storage drawer. It is fit anywhere. This modular drawer is very elegant, versatile and durable. It is very compact. It has string and sturdy.

This modular driver has wheel therefore, we can easily transport anywhere. This modular drawer has very good storage capacity. It is looking very nice.

2. Nilkamal Chester 24 Series Plastic Four Drawer

Size (LxWxH) 43 x 35.5 x 81 C cm
Colour Cream Transparent Blue
Feature Multi Storage Facility

Nilkamal modular drawers is multi storage facility. It provides easy storage which is easily accessible. This drawer has 17 inch length, 14 inch width and height is 31 inches.

This modular drawer has 4 drawers. This drawer has plastic material. It is transparent and modern. This drawer has beautiful.

3. Joyful Plastic Drawer Chest 

Size (LxWxH) 39 x 93 x 37 cm
Colour Dark Brown
Feature Big Drawer

This joyful plastic drawer chest is very elegant for looking. This drawers has 4 cabinet. This drawer has rectangular shape.

This drawer is very useful  for home as well as offices. This drawer has good storage capacity. This drawer is very nice and beautiful.

4. Aufers Megnum 5 Plastic Containers/Drawer

Size (LxWxH) 30 x 24 x 20 cm
Colour Dark Brown
Feature waterproof and washable

Aufer megnum 5 closet divider plastic containers has 5 drawer. This drawer is easy to clean because it is completely waterproof and washable.

This drawer is sturdy and strong. It is carry the weight nicely. This drawer is good for keep cosmetics, handkerchiefs. It is very graceful look.

5.Aristo Everest Multipurpose Plastic 4-Drawer Rack

Size (LxWxH) 32 x 32 x 52 cm
Colour Multiple
Feature Made from Virgin Polymer Plastic

This Aristo Everest multipurpose plastic drawer has 4 drawer racks. This drawer is multicolour. This drawer is organizer for home, offices and small kids toys, clothes etc.

This multipurpose drawer is easy to transform anywhere. It is light weight but strong strength. It is placed in a single corner of the room. It is very elegant design. It is the best Multipurpose Modular Drawer.

6. Nakoda Fusion Plastic Modular Drawer System

Size (LxWxH) 40.4 x 39. 1 x 31cm
Colour Multiple
Feature Easy to Assemble

Nakoda fusion plastic modular has 5 drawer racks. This drawer are attractive design drawers. This drawer has compact and save space. It is use for keep jewellery and stationary, cosmetics.

This drawer is organised with things at its right place. This multipurpose drawer is very good for offices and home. It is eco-friendly measure. This product can sent in a recyclable brown carton.

You look your room or kitchen messy and want to organise rightly then you must try this Modular Drawers. Modular Drawers are actually Plastic Drawers set for store your all clothes, jewelry, accessories and even your kitchen essentials.

Modular drawers named differently like Chest Drawers, Plastic Cabinates etc.. It is very useful way to organize and store most of things.It is very useful in bedroom, kitchen and Office space.

How to Choose the Right Modular Plastic Drawers for Storage


While purchasing modular drawers, you must check the material. Most of time they made with plastic materials but try to buy a ABS Plastic Modular Drawers or high-grade Polymer plastic.


After material, you must know how many drawers you need. Most of time storage modular has 4 or 5 tier units. You store small items then try to buy more drawers.


Check Size because without knowing size you don't buy modular drawer. Where you place modular drawer check size of there.


No different design and colour are present in Modular Drawers.


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