Best LED Tube Light for Home in India 2021 {एलईडी ट्यूबलाइट्स}

Best LED Tube Light in India - एलईडी ट्यूबलाइट्स

LED Lights are free from all harsh chemicals and do not emit any UV rays. LED lights are also 100% recyclable and can significantly reduce your carbon footprints also. With one LED light able to do the work of roughly 25 incandescent light bulbs over its lifetime, LED lights also help save on materials and production.

As compared to fluorescent tubes, the most important advantages of the LED tube lights are energy efficiency and long service life.

Its installation is also simple. They plug directly in place of the existing fluorescent lamp.

Best LED Tube Light for Home in India

 No.  LED Tube Light
 1.         PHILIPS Twinglow Batten Tubelight
 2.         SYSKA 20W LED White Tubelight
 3.         Wipro Garnet 20W LED White Light
 4.         Crompton Dazzle Ray LED Batten/Tubelight
 5.         Eveready 5W1FT6500KPK2 5-Watt LED Batten   

To choose the best one follow the list. [सबसे अच्छा ट्यूबलाइट्स]

List of Top 5 Best LED Tube Light For Home in India

You have a question Which Tubelight is best in India? Then you get a quick answer in this article here.. Here we added a list of Top 5 Best LED Tube Light in India with features.

1. PHILIPS Twinglow Batten Tubelight

This LED tube light is first twin glow tube light. This tube light blows up-down LED tubelight for home. This tube light is adjustable light . UP light is used in watching favourite web series on TV, also unwinding with your spouse and children.

Downlight is used in reading time, doing homework of children and cooking time. This tubelight has 20 watts.

2. SYSKA 20W LED White Tubelight

This tube light is very beautiful light. It get this 2000 lumens tube light. This tubelight is durable. This tubelight has 20 watts LED cool day light tube light.

This tube light has LED white tubelight. This tubelight give beautiful and delight light.

3. Wipro Garnet 20W LED White Light

This tube light is very good brightness. This tubelight protect our eyes from light. This tubelight has 2 batten. 

This tube light has slim design with decorative end cap It has high performance diffuser for soft and glare free light. This tubelight is good for study or reading anything.

4. Crompton Dazzle Ray LED Batten/Tubelight

This tube-light is 1 LED batten. This tube light is shock proof design. This tube light is saving energy. This tubelight provides omni directional lighting effect.

This tubelight is useful for home lighting, corridor lighting and also useful for working area.

5. Eveready 5W1FT6500KPK2 5-Watt LED Batten

This tubelight is 5 LED batten. This tubelight has 5 watts. This tubelight is elegant design This tubelight is bright lighter. This tubelight is useful for home and ommercial spaces. 

This tube light is long life space light. This tubelight is very good for our eyes. This tubelight is very nice.

Which company LED tube Light is Best?

While buying a tube light from shop or online you have a one question in your mind is Which company is best for LED tube lights in India? Then You see there are many brands available in Market like Phiips, Syska, Eveready, Wipro.

You buy a good tube light with you requirement like how much watts tube light you want like led tube light 40 watts, 20 watt led tube light. How much size tube light you want means 2 Feet LED Tube light or Led Tube light 4 Feet.

Now in the Market everywhere is the smart bulb, tv now Smart LED Tube Light available.

Choose Best LED Tube Light (सर्वश्रेष्ठ ट्यूबलाइट) According to your Room Size.

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