Electric Bicycle : Is it worth buying?

Electric Bicycle : Is it worth buying?

Electric Bicycle, it is worth buying one. Every day there are more people who decide to buy an electric bicycle, either for walking or as urban transport. We propose to show you the advantages and disadvantages that you can find in real life, when using an electric bicycle. Now in India, People are looking for Electric Bicycle in City drive because of Petrol prices are increasing day by day. It's loosing your money from pocket; If you compare with electricity charge and Petrol Price comparison.

Earlier People are buying Bicycle but not technology upgrade instead of buying Regular Bicycle; People buy a Electric Bicycle. Now Electric Bicycles are easily available online shopping sites like amazon, flipkart etc..

Indian Brands who sell a Electric Bicycle are Hero, E-Trio, Geekay Ecobike and many more.. Most of Electric Bicycle used a lithium ion battery.

Electric Bicycle : Is it worth buying?

What is an electric bicycle?. It is a bicycle to which an electric motor is added, called pedaling assistance. Keep in mind that it is NOT a motorcycle and the regulations require not to exceed 25 km / h or have an engine greater than 250W.

Regarding the distance traveled, it can have a range that ranges from 35 to 100 kilometers, depending on the engine used, level of assistance, weight of the cyclist, unevenness of the road and the power of the battery used (36vx10w = 360 Watts). 


Electric Bicycle, Worth Buying One

The electric bicycle is in fashion. Electric Bicycle is no tread in India; It's a fastest growing in Bicycle Industry.The boom is due, among other factors, to the innovation of more efficient motors, improvements in batteries, with greater autonomy and a very attractive design. But you have to wonder if the electric bike is really worth it. And the answer to this question is YES, and not only is it worth it, but many experts say that it will be the individual transport of the future in large cities.

The municipalities are aware of this, and in the new infrastructures they already contemplate the bike lane. If you see in Pune City in Maharashtra has already made a lane for Bicycle.

If you are determined to buy an electric bicycle, it is not convenient to rush and it is interesting to try them before. This way you can see the pros and cons to make a better decision, since they are not cheap and the offer is very large.

Take these data into account when buying an electric cycle. I advise you to buy one with a Brushless motor, as it is maintenance-free. A 36v battery with a minimum of 10 Ah and a maintenance-free gear change (internal change, Nexus hub change). Weight is important since they tend to weigh more than conventional bicycles even though their frame is made of aluminum, due to the motor and batteries. Over 20 kg would be fine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bicycles

Checkout the following advantages and disadvantages for buying Electric Bicycle

  • Advantages of an Electric Bicycle
The advantages or benefits are many, they do not pollute, you do not pay road taxes, and if you move around the city, you will avoid traffic jams, you will move more easily, faster, enjoying the landscape and you will do a little exercise without breaking a sweat, since you have assisted pedaling.

You also exercise, enjoying your surroundings, but without breaking a sweat when you arrive at your destination.

  • Disadvantages of an Electric Bicycle
The main drawback is that they are more expensive than a traditional bicycle, due to the motor and batteries.

Replace the battery in an inexpensive way and respecting the environment. This can be a good solution. The batteries, apart from their casing, inside carry the electronics necessary for their safe use, and all these components are used when recycling a used battery. 

In addition, lithium-ion batteries are made up of cells and not all of them wear out in the same way, so only those that are no longer useful can be replaced.

Which is Best Electric Bicycle in India?

You have one of the major question in your mind is "Which is Best Electric Bicycle in India?" but before buying a electric Bicycle you must check your pocket because budget is very important while buying and looking for a Electric Bicycle.

You have a low budget but looking for a Electric Cycle then Hero Lectro Kinza 27.5T SS Single Speed Electric Cycle. You budget is good then you go with Geekay Ecobike Fat Mountain Tyre Electric Bicycle or SWAGTRON EB7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike. If you have any Electric Bicycle in your mind then comment below.

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