Exercise Bike : Routines and Benefits

The benefits of the stationary bike are numerous and in this post I give you the advice of the routines to perform and the benefits that you can get with just a few minutes of training at your home gym, at any time of the day, burning those calories, improving the heart rate and the blood circulation.

Exercise Bikes excellent for keeping fit, they take up little space and you get an optimal workout without the need to leave home at a very affordable price.

While doing your routines, you can watch TV or listen to your favorite music. It is ideal if you are looking for a simple training with good results without doing sudden or strong exercises.

If you want to improve your health and your metabolism, it is a good reason to start using the exercise bike since the nature of the exercise allows us to maintain a good cadence throughout the entire pedaling, achieving a correct heart rate and its corresponding burning of fat.

Exercise Bike Benefits
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Benefits of the Exercise Bike

The use of the exercise bike is very common in gyms and also in homes, since you can practice exercise in our comfortable living room and that makes it highly attractive for the vast majority of people.

The exercise bike becomes the ideal device when it comes to losing weight, with the ease of using it regardless of the outside climate, which allows us to perform exercises at any time of the day, burning calories and improving blood and cardiac circulation.

These are some of the benefits of using the Exercise Bike :

  • Increases blood pressure and heart rate
  • Low cost, it can be practiced in our home
  • Exercise on the Stationary Bike is athletic and not muscular
  • If you practice it for three days a week, it will help you maintain physical health, reduce weight and burn fat.
  • You will improve digestion and a good intestinal work
  • It will help you relax your back

Exercise Bike, Routines to Tone Up

With just 20 minutes of exercise, you can lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system.
Repeat the exercise at least three times a week to maintain good physical health.

  • Ride seated for 1 minute with light resistance.
  • Put more resistance and start pedaling by getting up from the seat, this position makes the glutes work more specifically, duration 1 minute.
  • Lower the resistance again and recover by pedaling seated for another minute.
  • After that time the resistance rises very slightly, for a minimum resistance, to work at speed. Increase your pedaling rate to the maximum speed you can control, hold for 30 seconds, and lower the rate for 1 to 3 minutes to recover. Repeat everything about 3 times.
  • After the speed exercise, continue pedaling gently for about 3 minutes to calm down.

To finish any physical activity, stretching is always recommended, they help you recover quickly. With the exercise bike you can simultaneously work your muscular and cardiovascular systems saving time. 

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