Advantages of Cooking in a Pressure Cooker

Cooking in a pressure cooker is a quick and easy way to prepare dishes with little use of water, since the food is practically cooked in its own juice, unlike traditional pots, in which it takes longer and longer to cook. Which results in part of the mineral substances in food, especially sodium and potassium, being dissolved in it.

Fish, for example, it is advisable to wrap it so that it does not crumble, and not cook it for more than ten minutes, although the time will also vary depending on the fish and the type of pot used. For meat, a longer cooking time is required, around 30 minutes. In the case of vegetables, it is best to use little water so that they retain all the color and vitamins, and the time will go from two to ten minutes.

Advantages of Cooking in Pressure Cooker


Tips to Get a Maximum Result From Pressure Cookers

  • When cooking foods with a tendency to swell or produce a lot of foam, it is better to fill the pot only halfway, to avoid clogging the valve.
  • It should not be opened when it still has pressure. It is not advisable, either, to cool it under a stream of cold water since the cooking times count the time it takes for the pot to depressurize.
  • For greater energy savings, as soon as the pot reaches its maximum pressure point, lower the heat. In the same way, once removed from the fire, it is kept closed until the pressure drops, thus taking advantage of the heat inside.
  • To clean the bluish stains that frequently appear at the bottom, a good remedy is to rub them with vinegar. Never with substances such as bleach or ammonia.
  • To maintain the sealing gasket, it should be washed after each use and dried before replacing it. If there are leaks, it must be replaced.

What is Pressure Cooker?

The pressure cooker is an airtight container that does not allow air or liquid to escape below a set pressure. The pressure inside makes it possible for the temperature to rise above 100 ° C, this makes cooking of food three to four times faster than traditional cooking.

When the set pressure is reached inside the container, a valve releases the steam and lets it escape.

Now, a new generation of "super-fast" pots  (Multi-Cooker) are seen as the most advanced and sophisticated on the market.

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