Best Projector for Movies at Home in India 2021

Best Projector for Movies in India 2021

Often considered as safer to eyes than the TV, projector is one of those handy digital tool that every office and home should have.

Though it is often used in offices, using at home can help to get and theater like experience. Also, at cost point of view it can offer cheaper solution for better TV-watching experience.

Whether you are looking it for office or to use at home, getting hands on the best projector is a daunting process. Begin your search by referring our list of the best projectors in India.

High End Editors Choice Best Seller

A "projector" that can project images on walls and screens. Originally, this product was often used in business situations such as meetings and presentations, but with the progress of higher performance, more and more people are using it for home theaters these days. Therefore, this time, we would like to introduce a best projector in India recommended for home use among many projectors. There are different types of Projectors are available in Market like 4k Projectors, hd projector,mini projectors, home theater projectors. We have picked up the best projector for movies at home or best projectors for office according to the purpose, so if you are considering purchasing, please check it out.

Since home-use projectors are manufactured assuming the use of video content such as movies and games, many models place importance on projecting "high-quality" video. In addition, it is designed with consideration for homes, such as quiet operation and easy portability. You get a guide for a Best Home cinema Projector or Best 4k Home Theater Projector.

Best Projector for Movies at Home

On the other hand, business projectors are intended for use in presentations, so many models have enhanced brightness and contrast so that characters and graphs can be seen clearly. In addition, the screen is designed to be bright in consideration of use in bright environments such as daytime.

Based on the above, this article introduces home projectors.

Select by Projection Distance

"Projection distance" is very important. Measure the distance between the projector and the screen before purchasing, and select a model with a suitable projection distance. Also, refer to the "recommended projection distance" instead of the maximum projection distance.

Check Resolution and Aspect Ratio

The resolution is divided into 4K (4,096 x 2,400 pixels), full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), WXGA (1,280 x 800 pixels), etc.

The higher the resolution, the higher the image quality you can see, so choose a model that supports at least Full HD or WXGA. If you can afford it, we recommend products that support high-quality 4K.
Select according to the installation space

If you cannot secure enough installation space such as a studio, we recommend the "Short Focus Projector", and if you have enough installation space, we recommend the "Home Projector".

Select by Input

An HDMI terminal is required when connecting to a game console or computer, so check the input / connection terminal in advance.

Best Projector for Movies at Home / Best Home Cinema Projector

If you have a relatively large amount of installation space, we recommend a home projector. The point to check when choosing a product is the installation method.

Not only can it be placed on the table, but it also depends on usability, such as whether it is compatible with a tripod and whether it can be projected on the ceiling, so be sure to check it carefully.

If you want to install the projector near the wall, we recommend the type with the front intake and exhaust. Since the projector often gets hot as it is used continuously, care must be taken to prevent heat buildup when installing it in a poorly ventilated place such as a wall.

If you want to use a projector but cannot secure enough installation space, we recommend the "Short Focus Projector". The feature is that even if the distance between the screen and the projector is shortened, the same size as a normal model can be projected.

The resolution is a numerical value that expresses the fineness of the projected image, and is an important point that greatly affects the image quality of the projector. It is written as 800 x 600, and the higher the value, the more delicate the image can be projected. It is divided into 1920 x 1080 for full HD and 4096 x 2400 for 4K, so if you want to enjoy high quality video, please check it out. You love to enjoy movie on large or big screen then you must choose the Best 4k Home Theater Projector in India.

Also, check the aspect ratio, which indicates the screen ratio. The horizontal to vertical ratio of the screen that can be displayed is expressed numerically, and in general, 16: 9 horizontally long objects are the mainstream. However, some of the models for business use and reasonable models have an aspect ratio of 4: 3. 4: 3 is not suitable for watching movies, so be sure to check before purchasing.

Best Projector Brands in India

Epson Projector :

Epson has a long-standing top-class market share in domestic and overseas business projectors. The feature is that it covers not only image quality but also functions that are easy to use for business purposes such as presentations and meetings.

It is also very popular for home use, and is equipped with useful functions for home theater use. This manufacturer is recommended for those who are looking for a home projector with excellent total balance.

Sony Projector :

A global manufacturer that requires high technology and know-how. As for projectors, it was the first to support 4K, and it is also a feature that there are many large models that emphasize image quality rather than size and weight as a whole.

As for projectors, it is also important to have a wide range of projectors, from affordable products that are easy to use at home to compact ultra-short throw models. Recommended for those who are looking for a home projector that can be used for a long time.

BenQ Projector:

BenQ is a Taiwanese manufacturer that develops relatively inexpensive electrical products. It features a large lineup of models such as stationary models, portable models, and short focus models.

It is also famous as a manufacturer of high-performance gaming devices, and has developed many models for games in projectors. This manufacturer is recommended for those who are looking for a projector for entertainment. It is the good projector for home.

List of Top 9 Best Projector in India :

1. Epson EB-X05 XGA V11H839040 3LCD Projector

2. Egate P513 LED Projector

3. Hitachi CP-X3042Wn Projector 

4. Ricoh Entry Level Projectors PJ TS100

5. BenQ MW533 Projector

6. Portronics Pocket LED projector POR-318 Portable Projector​

7. Sony MP-CD1 Compact Pocket Size Mobile Projector

8. EGATE i9 LED HD Projector 

9. UNIC UC46 Portable 1080P 800x480 Resolution WiFi LED Projector 

Recent projectors have significantly improved image quality performance. If it is a 4K compatible model, it is possible to project high-quality images that can clearly read the characters. If you want to enjoy movies and games on a big screen as well as TV programs, please consider introducing a projector. From this above Projector buying Guide; You Choose the Best 4k Home Theater Projector or you choose the Wifi Projector for Home.

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