8 Best Prickly Heat Powders in India {Ghamoriya Powder}

Best Prickly Heat Powders in India (Gharmi Ka Powder / Ghamoriya Powder)

Prickly heat powder gives relief from prickly heat and keeps us fresh, relaxed, and happy. It also prevents body odor and excessive sweating.

To help you choose the suitable powder, we have enlisted the 8 Best Prickly Heat Powders in India.

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Now Summer Season is coming, and many of us are facing a problem of sweating and some skin issues. At the Starting of June and July, humidity levels increase and then some of the problems of prickly heat. Before facing prickly heats or Ghamoriya, You must use the Prickly heat powder or Ghamoriya ka Best Powder. It helps you to prevent your skin problems and body odor.

Best Prickly Heat Powders in India

List of Top 8 Prickly Powder in India:

Checkout the list of Top 8 Prickly Powders available in India.

1. Dermicool Prickly Heat Powder

Dermicool Prickly Heat Powder is one of the Top and popular Ghamoriya Powder. It has a bacteriostatic formula. It gives you very quick relief of itching and heat rashes.

2. Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder

Himalaya is a popular brand and It Prickly heat powder enriched with neem and khus grass. Neem has Ayurveda properties to protect your skin from skin infections.

3. BoroPlus Talc Prickly Heat Ice Cool Powder

Boroplus is a popular brand. It is a very helpful powder to control your body swear and reduce prickly heat rashes. It gives you a very cool feeling after being applied to the body.

4. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder is the best prickly heat powder which is very helpful for heat rash, skin irritation in the summer season. It gives you very refreshing and fantastic feelings.

5. Shower To Shower Ayurvedic Prickly Heat Powder

Shower to Shower Heat Powder is the Ayurvedic Prickly Heat Powder. It is infused with mint. After using this prickly heat powder, you don't need to use any deodorant. You feel your day is very refreshing.

6. Nycil Cool Herbal Prickly Heat Powder

Nycil Cool Herbal Heat Powder helps you keep away from problems like prickly heat, rashes, etc. It gives you an instant cooling effect. Nycil Heat Powder infused with Neem and Pudina. It is very useful for manages body sweat.

7. Carmino Prickly Heat Powder

Carmino Prickly Heat Powder has a perfect fragrance. It is beneficial to protect your skin from heat rashes and itching. It absorbs all body sweat.

8. Hula Hula Prickly Heat Ice Powder

You face some prickly heat, irritation then you get quick relief from it. It gives you a fresh fragrance. Hula Hula is a brand from Thailand.

Here we added the 8 Best Prickly Heat Powders available in India. But Most of the people are known as Ghamoriya Powder or Ghamori Ka Powder. Choose the Ghamoriya Ka Best Powder from the list given above.

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