9 Best Glucometer in India 2021 [Sugar Check Machine]

Best Glucometer in India | Sugar Check Machine | Sugar Test Machine

Got the fluctuating sugar levels which leads to several visits to pathalogy? Get yourself a glucometer.

It is a device that helps to check the blood glucose levels instantly at home. The results displayed on a digital screen which you can save or delete.

It is helpful device if you are diabetic and required to keep eye on your fluctuating sugar levels.

A person with diabetes cannot do without a reliable blood glucose monitor. This is of course this device that allows you to take a regular measurement of the blood sugar level, in order to check if it remains maintained at an acceptable level.

The tool is to be used several times during the day, during meals and during activities that characterize the daily life of a person with diabetes.

This guide has been written to simplify your search for the best blood glucose meter on the market. There are indeed different models of glucometers, and some more than others meet medical requirements as well as the need for ease of use.

Despite the multiplicity of offers, the most important elements to choose a quality glucometer will be detailed throughout this article, in addition to explaining the usefulness and operation of such a device.

Below are few Best Glucometer Brands or Find Best Sugar Check Machine that you can opt for. 

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Sugar Check Machine



List of Top 9 Glucometer in India

1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

2. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

3. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

4. Dr Trust (USA) Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

5. Bayer Contour Plus One Glucometer

6. Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer

7. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

8. Alere G1 Glucometer

9. Control D Blood Glucose Monitor

How Does the Glucometer Work?

The blood glucose machine (Sugar Check Machine) has been made as convenient as possible for diabetics over the years. The usage patterns can vary, but the most common is that including the use of strips to collect some blood from the patient for a rapid test.

So, when you are in front of a glucometer, the maneuver to use it is usually as follows:

  • You must first clean the fingertip (preferably with soap and water) where a drop of blood should be collected
  • Prepare the auto-pricker by placing the needle (or lancet) in it and adjusting the depth of the prick
  • Check that your glucometer is correctly calibrated against the new strips that you will need to use
  • As soon as the glucose test device tells you that the droplet of blood can be deposited, prick the end of the affected finger very gently (by pressing on the auto-pricker)
  • Place the drop of blood on the strip (or electrode, if applicable), which should already be attached to the device at that time
  • You will then need to wait only a few seconds for the test results to appear on the meter screen
  • At the end of the entire maneuver, throw the used needle and strip in the trash, then store all your equipment in a place where it is not likely to be soiled or collect dust.

Different Types of Glucometers

There are 3 types of glucometers, although the most widely used and widespread to date is the strip glucometer. However, it can be useful to know what the different options are available to you.

Previously everyone is used strip types Glucometer; buy now some other types of Different Glucometer available in Market as follows:

The Strip Glucometer

This is the device that requires the use of a strip as a collector of the diabetic patient's blood. The strip thus allows a chemical reaction to take place. It changes color on contact with the droplet of blood and thus indicates what blood sugar level it corresponds to.

Glucometer without Strips and Electrodes

When there is no strip to help analyze the blood sugar level, then there is an electrode. With the deposit of the drop of blood on this electrode, the result is obtained very quickly.

Glucometer without Pricking and without Pain

New devices allow to know the level of sugar in the blood without having to prick the patient. It will be necessary to place the said sensor on the arm before the information collected provides the correct blood sugar level.

We could say that the use of a suitable glucometer is of extreme importance; mostly because it's your health that's on the desk.

Your well-being is vital, so getting the ideal diagnosis and treatment should always be a priority. This is only possible by using the best blood glucose meters recorded in reviews.

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