Top 10 Best Ayurvedic Soaps in India

Top 10 Best Ayurvedic Soaps in India | Herbal Soaps in India

Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical sciences considered to be originated in India. It covers all aspects of life including beauty, yoga and healting of mind.

Are you looking for the best ayurvedic soaps in India to get the glowing skin and refreshing feeling? Then read on, we have covered all the top Ayurvedica soaps in India in this article.

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Best Ayurvedic Soaps in India

Here is the List of Top 10 Best Ayurvedic Soaps in India:

1. Medimix Ayurvedic Glycerine Soap:

Medimix is the most popular brand around the India. Soap is made with the blend of unique 18 herbs. It's a very to use it on daily basis. It has a strong herbal fragrance.

2. Ayush Purifying Turmeric Soap :

This soap has a more Ayurvedic Ingredients.Especially Key ingredients are a Turmeric and nalpamaradi Tailam. Soap is suitable for both women and men.

3. Khadi NeemTulsi :

It's a belnd of of neem-Tulsi. Both ingredients a have propertis of antibacterial and antiseptic. It helps to hydrate and norish the skin.

4. Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Cream and Honey Soap :

Key ingredients of Soap is Honey and Cream. It softens skin. Soap is used for Normal to dry Skin. It nourishes and moisturizes skin.

5. Godrej No.1 Sandal and Turmeric Soap : 

Godrej is the trusted brand across the India. Key Ingredient in soap are Sandal and Turmeric. It is very well suited for all types of Skin.

6. Vaadi Herbals Becalming Tea Tree Soap Anti Acne Therapy Soap :

Soap have a Tea Tree Oil is the main ingredient. Tea Tree Oil has a good anti bacterial properties. It help you to remove acne and pimples.

7. Mysore Sandal Soap :

It is the One of the best Ayurvedic Soap. It gives you a very good aroma of Natural Sandalwood Oil.

8. Hamam Soap:

Hamama comes with ingredients with Neem, Tulsi and Alove Vera. It protect many skin prolemds. It has a long lasting fragrance.

9. Biotique Basil and Parsley Revitilizing Body Soap :

It is blend with traditional Ayurvedic Ingredients. It has ingredients like basil, parsley, wheat germ and coconut oils. It doesn't have a any harsh chemicals.

10. Patanjali Kanti Aloe Vera Body Cleanser Soap :

It is recent and most popular Ayurvedic company named Patanjali.

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