Best Flute in India [BANSURI]

 Are you a music lovers and wants to play a musical instrument especially Flute or bansuri then you landed a right page.. Here we are adding a Best Flute for Beginners in India as well as Best Flute in India with Detailed reviews here..

When a flute play at that time you experience a sound of soothing and melodious. There are many options and many manufactures available in Market and you get a little confuse about which flute is Best or Which flute is suitable for Beginners?

Best Flute in India


Here we are giving you a ideas and best ever buying guide for getting you Best Flute.

Best Flutes in India

Which Scale Flute is Best for Beginners?

Here is the few of options for you regarding best flute for beginners..

1. Shiv'z Musicals C Natural Medium Professional Flute

  • It is the best flute for beginners and professionals
  • C type Natural Medium
  • Size of 19 Inches
  • It is right hand flute with 7 holes

2. Sarfuddin Flutes

  • It's a kind of professional quality medium sized flute
  • It's a size about 19 inches approx.
  • It is food for beginners also

3. Punam Flutes C Sharp Medium

  • It is best bamboo flute
  • C Sharp note flute
  • It length about 18 inches
  • It's a good for Beginners flutists

Best Flute for Professionals

Here is the best options for flutes with professionals to buy it..

1. Punam Flutes E Bansuri

  • It is a E natural base bamboo flute
  • It is good for classical music
  • It is good for low frequency and complex tone

2. Kanha Flutes E Scale Bamboo Flute

  • It is made with Assam Bamboo
  • It is handmade flute; best for talented flutist
  • It's perfect and quality of tone

3. Punam Flutes F Natural Bamboo Flute

  • It is premium concert quality f tone bamboo flute
  • It is right hand bamboo flute
  • It's a size about 28.5 Inches

Which is the Best Flutes in India?

There are many musical instruments in Indian music culture like Tabla, Harmonium, Dolki etc. Flute is the instrument which comes under the category of Woodwind Instrument. Which mean this instrument works with Air flow. Sound produced by Flute after Air flew across the flutes and well sound produced after opening and closing the flute holes.

Types of Flutes in Indian Markets:

There are total two types of Indian Flutes (Bansuri). These two types comes from how many holes in it.

1. North Indian Hindustani Flute (It has 6 holes)

2. South Indian Carnatic Flute (It has 8 holes)

How to Choose a Best Flute?

There are different factors to be consider while buying a flutes. You may be buy from online where you get a different options and different types of Flutes. For Beginner flute player must use a starting price flutes with good quality. Because few of the low price flutes available in Market but they can not produce a sweet sound of it. We are recommend here you to get a perfect flute for you..

1. Budget:

While considering a first fact is budget. How much money you are going to spend on your flute? Because Price range for flute comes from 100 Rs to 50,000 Rs.

2. Material :

Another major factor plays main role while purchasing your flute is Material. From which Material your flute is made from. Not all flutes are made up with Bamboo because few of flutes are made from PVC, Fibers. If you want to get a best and top quality sound then you must buy a Bamboo Flute.

3. Scale of Flute:

There are many types of scale flutes available. There are scale wise difference flutes are C Scale Flute, G Scale Flute, E Scale etc..

If you are a Beginners in flute learning then you must choose C Scale middle or E Scale.

While you are learning a flute and think it's a very easy to play a flute then you think a wrong.. You must learn from professional. You also check some YouTube Tutorials to learn flutes.

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