Best Blue Star Deep Freezer

Looking to buy a Blue Star Deep Freezer or Blue Star Deep Fridge Online then you must checkout the list of all Blue Star Chest Freezers.

You want a commercial refrigerators especially Blue Star Deep Freezers then here we added you a perfect list of it. You want to preserve food for a long time just like ice cream or any other frozen food then you must buy it.

Company blue star claims that they produce a economical chest freezers. They includes a top innovative features and freezers comes with cutting-edge technology. Freezers are energy saving features.

Blue Star is the most popular Deep Freezer brand in India.

Blue Star Deep Freezer available in Single Door, Double Door with different capacities including 100 Ltrs, 150L, 200L, 300L, 400L,500L.

Best Blue Star Deep Freezer


Best Blue Star Deep Freezer [Blue Star Chest Freezer]

Here is the top models and blue star deep freezer models available in Market.

1. Blue Star CHFK500A Double Door Freezer

It has a perfect feature from blue star because it is double door freezer and cooler. From this model you get a half freezer with capacity of 297L and half cooler with capacity 144L.

  • It is a heavy duty freezer and robust construction.
  • It has heavy duty Castor Wheels

2. Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer

  • It has a capacity of 188 Litres
  • It's temperature range is -18 Degree Celsius
  • It comes with energy efficient compressor
  • Freezer has a zinc coated body; thats a prevent from rust and corrosion

3. Blue Star CHF400 Double Door Deep Freezer

  • It has a robust construction to heavy use.
  • It has a Lock and Key System
  • It has a high density puff insulation
  • Capacity of 400 Litres

4. Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer

  • It's a small 100 Litre Deep Freezer
  • It has a heavy duty castor wheel
  • It comes with highly energy efficient compressor

Top 7 Best Deep Freezer in India

Best Single Door Deep Freezer in India

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